The Most Popular Baby Girl Onesies

Dressing that Baby Girl Like a Princess

baby onesiesBaby girl onesies
are some of the most adorable outfits for a newborn baby.

There are a variety of styles and colours to choose from. These choices are even hailed as the best baby shower presents with the most popular choices being arranged according to colour, adorable slogans, most popular Amazon purchases, and style varieties.

Colours for Baby Girl Onesies

When a girl has a fashionable mother it is difficult for her to resist becoming a fashion diva.

For a mother who is a fashion lover at heart, one of the best baby shower presents for her soon-to-be-born baby girl should be well designed onesies for babies with cute prints and patterns.

Simplicity would not work a lot this time. Stylish mom would love onesies that are colorful and bright to look at. In fact, cute baby onesies with prints would be very much appealing.

Prints vary from the exotic (cheetah, zebra, and leopard) to colourful floral patterns.

Pink baby girl onesies support the classic stereotype of buying pink clothes for girls and blue clothes for boys. The most popular colour, however, is the plain white onesie.

Simplicity seems to be the name of the game so purchasing a pack of plain white baby girl onesies may be the best baby shower presents.

Adorable Baby Girl Onesies Slogans

Plain baby girl onesies are often given a boost by adding some funny phrases or words.

Some of the most adorable slogans for baby girl onesies are:

  • “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.”
  • “In 16 years I’ll crash your SUV in our garage.”
  • “If you think I’m good looking, you should see my aunt.”
  • “Being beautiful is exhausting.”
  • “I’m not allowed to date. Ever!”
  • “Naturally sweet- no sugar added.”

These are just a few of the many cute slogans for baby girl onesies out  there.

In fact, you can also make your own custom design if you like. Here’s a tip: You can research great motto or funny quotes for babies and do the printing on your own.

With the right material, you will surely achieve the design in your mind right now.

Most Popular Baby Girl Onesies Amazon Purchases

Sometimes, the best way to determine what to buy is to look at the most popular purchases of baby girl onesies.

The following is a list of some of the most popular baby onesies purchases on Amazon:

  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies – 5 Pack Solid Onesies Brand
  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies for Newborns – 5 Pack Variety Brand Bird Onesies Brand
  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies Cupcakes – 5 pack Variety Onesies
  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies – 5 Pack S/S Bodysuits
  • Luvable Friends 4-Pack Bodysuits

Style Varieties

Generally, parents stop dressing their babies in onesies when they are one year old.

Some parents may wait until the child is two years old but these parents are the exception to the general rule.

For a newborn, the best baby girl onesies to purchase are kimono style onesies. These cute onesies for babies assist with the healing process of the navel.

After this stage has passed, the baby can be dressed in long sleeved onesies for colder weather and short sleeved onesies for warmer weather. So, when considering buying the best baby shower presents, it may be wise for you to purchase a variety of styles.

Baby girls deserve to be treated like the precious princesses they are.

Use these guidelines to help you find the perfect baby girl onesies to include in your baby shower gift.