onesies for babies

The Big Bang Theory - Soft Kitty OnesieOnesies are some of the best baby shower presents.Their design makes it easy to quickly dress an infant as well as keep the infant warm.

There was a time when newborn clothing was fashioned after what adults would wear. This cumbersome fashion trend changed in the eighteenth century when both male and female infants were dressed in white dresses with close fitting bodices.

The earliest emergence of the baby onesie came with the creation of Babygro.  Invented by Walter Artzt in the 1950s, BabyGro took the infant apparel market by storm.

Baby onesies have easily become one of  the best baby shower presents. The following are some cool facts about the evolution of the baby onesie that will make it hard for you to deny it as one of the best baby shower presents that was ever invented.

The Cute Baby Onesies Began With Simple Designs

The earliest baby onesies were fashioned after the adult jumpsuits of the times. Their designs were simple.

As mentioned earlier, as the infant garment trends changed in the eighteenth century infants were dressed mainly in white dresses. However, by the mid-19th century the most common colours were pink and blue.

At the beginning of the century pink was thought to be the more appropriate colour for boys and blue the more appropriate colour for girls. Imagine giving a pack of pinkish cute baby onesies to a boy as a newborn baby gift! By the 1940s the trend had shifted to pink for girls and blue for boys.

There Was a Shift in the Colour Palette Among the Onesies for Babies

By the late 1960s and early 1970s people got tired of the limited colour choices. So, a wider variety of unisex colours, such as yellow and green, emerged.

In those days a unisex onesies for babies would have been one of the best baby shower presents. However, this trend did not last for long.

The invention of prenatal testing in the mid-1980s meant that parents could know the sex of their baby before birth. They could therefore prepare for the child by purchasing products in gender specific colours. Therefore, the gender specific onesies for babies once again emerged as the best baby shower presents.

People Began to Get Creative as Trend Evolves

In the 1960s, fashion began to get more creative and eccentric. This was the era of hippie clothing, mini-skirts, and hot pants.

It is, therefore, no surprise that designers began to make fashionable onesies for babies. More people started to walk into baby showers with these vibrant and colourful newborn baby gifts.

People also began to write interesting phrases and names on some cute baby onesies. Most of these phrases would cause mothers-to-be to look at these adorable onesies for babies and scream “Aww, this is so cute!”

Why Not Add a Cute Cap on your Cute Baby Onesies

Somewhere in the mix someone decided to add creative hats in different onesies for babies.

It even became popular for people to make creating these hats a DIY project.

The onesie had now graduated from being plain apparel to something that could make a newborn a fashion diva. This is why onesies have become the best baby shower presents in the market.

People Got Even More Creative with Onesies for Babies

The latest trends among onesies for babies are mind boggling. Manufacturers are now adding technology to baby onesies.

For instance, Intel has recently begun manufacturing and shipping the Mimo Baby Monitor. This baby monitor is attached to the cute baby onesies, connects to the internet, and allows parents to monitor what their baby is doing all the time.

The device is able to monitor the infant’s body temperature, movements, and body positions. These updates are sent straight to the parent’s smartphone using a specific app. Isn’t this one of the best baby shower presents ever invented?

There are numerous cute baby onesies that exist in the market nowadays that you can choose from.

No longer are they plain outfits used to keep a baby warm. They are now outfitted with the latest technology to keep worried parents in touch with what is happening with their child.

These super duper cute baby onesies are truly one of the best baby shower presents.

Now that you know the history of how your cute baby onesies are created, you can start shopping for great baby shower gifts with confidence.

Although many people would say that onesies are already too common, they are actually one of the layering essentials for babies. In fact onesies are a must-have items in every baby’s wardrobe.

Moms and soon-to-be moms will truly be grateful when they open a gift and find that they got new onesies for babies.