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"Came in as expected!! Great Price for the bundle and the brand. Planing on purchasing more that are available in other colors and sizes."  by paulette_2003 "The calvin klein onsies are very nice .They arent too expensive so that was nice. I loved...

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best baby onesies

gifts-for-baby-shower-eosvepxoWelcoming a new baby is a thrilling and exciting moment for the parents and those related closely to them to prepare the best baby shower presents. It’s a time of elevated anticipation and preparation. It’s also a time for congratulations, advice and the celebratory baby shower!

Many people are not exactly sure what to get the mother to be when the baby shower invitation arrives. Although these days it’s a easier to search the internet and find an international choice of different gift ideas for baby showers.

However, many co-workers and friends ask themselves “Where do I start looking for unique gifts I can give to an adorable soon-to-come baby?”

Of course, you want to get the expectant parents something that’s worth appreciating, that makes life a little easier for them but not boring. You’re looking for great ideas about what best baby shower presents are available in store.


If you type “best baby shower presents” into any search engine, you will be amazed at the lightning fast results it provides! What we’re aiming to do here is take he hard work out of it for you so right here are some of our ideas for the best gifts for newborns.

Being Creative Makes the Best Baby Shower Presents!

Get your creative juices flowing – start from square one with a pen and paper. Take note of the gender of the child (if known), the mother and father’s personality (witty or serious) and allow yourself to get creative!

Cute onesies for babies are still on top of the list. They are useful, affordable, and worth giving to future mommies. Here’s tip: When looking for adorable baby onesies always be meticulous when it comes to the color, texture, price, and design. Always read customer reviews. They will help you judge whether or not your buying the right one.

There are just so many adorable onesies for babies you can choose when you visit adorablebabyonesies.com!

Calvin Klein baby gild onesieOn the other hand, if you are thinking of giving personalized gifts, make sure that you know whether you’re giving it to a baby boy or a baby girl.

Personalized gifts are held in high regard if the gender is known and the first name has already been decided upon. If the gender is unknown, you could always go with the last name which is much more set in stone.

Here are some more tips if you want to have baby shower presents that will make visitors drop their jaw!

  • Choose funny designs, prints, or slogan which everyone can relate such as the image on the side. There’s that humorous enigma with the “Don’t look at me, that smell is comin’ from my dad” saying that simply turns your head and laugh, isn’t  there?
  • Pick the right color combination. Babies are too tender and sweet so you have to choose colors that look bright and angelic on them. For example baby pink, powder blue, bright yellow, lavender, and many more.
  • If you are buying plain baby suits, turn them into cute onesies for babies by adding embroidery, cute stitches, custom prints, and design.

Adorable Wooden Wall Initials

These will brighten up the baby’s nursery – and teach them to spell their name as well!

Personalised letter  for best baby shower presents

DIY projects are sweeping the nation by storm!

A lot of experienced moms sometimes make two DIY wooden-themed DIY projects – one for their baby and one for their baby’s future best friend.

If you are arty or crafty, this is a project that you could do at home, at low expense. Or it’s very easy to find beautiful and affordable wooden letters to purchase.

Bright colors and patterns can be used, stenciling can be incorporated and these treasures will last a lifetime.

Whether you are giving it to your in-laws, your best friend, your co-worker, or your boss, you’ll definitely be making one of the best baby shower presents.

Now, that is just simply amazing!

 Personalized Teddies make very cute baby shower presents

A gorgeous personalized teddy is sure to “awe” the baby shower audience. Personalized baby have always been a great idea and highly appreciated.

There is that special element of going an extra mile just to give the best give ever.

That is the irresistible worth of the gift and its own sentimental value that counts.


 Rattles as a Baby Shower Present

Engraved stainless steel rattles make popular baby giftsIf you do decide to go with a traditional rattle, I recommend an engraved stainless steel version.

This is one of the most thoughtful and cherished keepsake baby shower gift as it will never deteriorate. It be kept for so many year.

And just imagine if the baby you have given it to becomes a grown and still keeps that gift – that would be purely touching.

So add this to your best baby shower present list.


This Baby Shower Present will be Music to Moms Ears!

Perfectly soothing  baby gifts

Babies are a lot of fun and a lot of work, let’s be honest. Some babies are very content and happy whereas others, not so much!

And so, any help you can give to Mom and Dad to ensure their little treasure goes to sleep will so doubly appreciated. Many studies have shown that almost all babies respond to music in a positive way.

They are very useful (in most cases) Baby Einstein movies and music discs that may just prove to be a parent’s best friend in the long run.

It is perfectly okay not to give gifts that can be used immediately. At least when babies reach at a certain stage, their mommies have something to use that will certainly remind them of you.

So, musical DVDs and toys should not be overlooked when searching for the best baby shower presents.

 Sleep Sheep!  A Highly Recommended  Baby Shower Present!

A beautiful, soothing present for baby and an inexpensive new baby gift. This revolutionary comfort toy provides:

Enchanting Sleep Sheep gift

  • sounds of the ocean
  • the mothers heartbeat
  • rainfall noises
  • Other soothing noises

The amazing little sleep sheep is a wonderfully cute and cuddly toy which is wrapped around the most soothing noises. It’s like a sound machine for babies wrapped up in a cute and cuddly sheep and it easily attaches to any crib.

Whatever baby shower gift ideas that you decide to go with, make sure that you research it thoroughly and that you steer clear of controversial items. It really matters a lot when your gift comes truly from your heart.

Whether you decide to purchase something online or to make the gift yourself, your motherly instincts will help you make the best baby shower presents.

best onesie for a boy

best onesie for a boyBaby boys are often raised to be macho men. So, from their birth they are dressed in clothing befitting that of a young gentleman.

The colours and styles have to be right. And your role is to get the best baby boy onesies to fill this need of creating the macho image by using a variety of colours, styles and cool slogans.

Here are some great tips on how you can achieve it.

Choosing Colors for your Baby Boy Onesies

The established norm for colours for baby clothes is pink for girls and blue for boys. That doesn’t seem to be changing for now.However, baby boy onesies are also being made in a variety of colours.

Some of these additional colours are also used for baby girl onesies. Nevertheless, they are more commonly found on baby boys. These colours include yellow and grey.

So, don’t be afraid to purchase some of these baby boy onesie colours as a part of your baby shower gift. After all, you want your gift to be the best baby shower presents your friend will receive, right?

In short, it is just a matter of taste and perception when it comes to choosing the best colors for your baby boy onesies. What is important is that your baby looks adorable outside and feel good inside.

Getting the Best Styles for your Baby Boy Onesies

The styles for baby boy onesies are essentially the same as those for baby girl onesies. The kimono-style onesie is the best boys’ onesie for newborn boys. It makes the healing of the navel a more comfortable process.

After the child has gone through the healing process, he can be dressed in long sleeved onesies for colder weather and short sleeved onesies for warmer weather. So, it would be best for you to purchase a variety of boys’ onesies as a part of your baby shower gift.

Cool Slogans for Baby Boy Onesies

Plain baby boy onesies can be given a face lift by simply adding cool words or slogans.

Some of the coolest slogans for baby boy onesies are:

  • “Ladies, I have arrived.”
  • “Love dad and love football.”
  • “Mommy’s new man.”
  • “I’m a genius just like dad.”

These three points are some of the most important points to consider when purchasing baby boy onesies. However, you should also consider the baby boy onesies that are most commonly purchased.

The most commonly purchased baby boy onesies on Amazon are:

  • Gerber Baby Boy Onesies – 5 Pack Variety Brand with Elephant Prints
  • Gerber Baby Boy Onesies – 5 Pack Sports Style
  • Gerber Baby Boy Onesies –  5 Pack Solid Onesies Brand
  • Carter’s Baby Boy Onesies – 4 Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuits
  • Carter’s Baby Boy Onesies –  5 Pack Short Sleeve Bodysuit Set
  • Frenchie Mini Couture Boys Tuxedo Bodysuit
  • Hudson Baby Natural Organic Body Suit

Consider Organic Baby Boy Onesies

With growing concerns about the state of the earth’s atmosphere, it is becoming increasingly important to be eco-friendly. This reality has resulted in the creation of organic onesies for both boys and girls.

Organic onesies are created using little or no chemical or synthetic substances for best results. So, these onesies could make the best baby shower presents if your friend is an environmentalist. They will surely love it!

Just check the labels and packaging to determine if the onesies are indeed organic.

Choosing the best baby shower presents can be a challenge. However, you can never go wrong with a onesie. Use these tips to help you purchase the best baby boy onesies. Your friend will be grateful.

baby onesies

Dressing that Baby Girl Like a Princess

baby onesiesBaby girl onesies
are some of the most adorable outfits for a newborn baby.

There are a variety of styles and colours to choose from. These choices are even hailed as the best baby shower presents with the most popular choices being arranged according to colour, adorable slogans, most popular Amazon purchases, and style varieties.

Colours for Baby Girl Onesies

When a girl has a fashionable mother it is difficult for her to resist becoming a fashion diva.

For a mother who is a fashion lover at heart, one of the best baby shower presents for her soon-to-be-born baby girl should be well designed onesies for babies with cute prints and patterns.

Simplicity would not work a lot this time. Stylish mom would love onesies that are colorful and bright to look at. In fact, cute baby onesies with prints would be very much appealing.

Prints vary from the exotic (cheetah, zebra, and leopard) to colourful floral patterns.

Pink baby girl onesies support the classic stereotype of buying pink clothes for girls and blue clothes for boys. The most popular colour, however, is the plain white onesie.

Simplicity seems to be the name of the game so purchasing a pack of plain white baby girl onesies may be the best baby shower presents.

Adorable Baby Girl Onesies Slogans

Plain baby girl onesies are often given a boost by adding some funny phrases or words.

Some of the most adorable slogans for baby girl onesies are:

  • “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.”
  • “In 16 years I’ll crash your SUV in our garage.”
  • “If you think I’m good looking, you should see my aunt.”
  • “Being beautiful is exhausting.”
  • “I’m not allowed to date. Ever!”
  • “Naturally sweet- no sugar added.”

These are just a few of the many cute slogans for baby girl onesies out  there.

In fact, you can also make your own custom design if you like. Here’s a tip: You can research great motto or funny quotes for babies and do the printing on your own.

With the right material, you will surely achieve the design in your mind right now.

Most Popular Baby Girl Onesies Amazon Purchases

Sometimes, the best way to determine what to buy is to look at the most popular purchases of baby girl onesies.

The following is a list of some of the most popular baby onesies purchases on Amazon:

  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies – 5 Pack Solid Onesies Brand
  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies for Newborns – 5 Pack Variety Brand Bird Onesies Brand
  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies Cupcakes – 5 pack Variety Onesies
  • Gerber Baby Girl Onesies – 5 Pack S/S Bodysuits
  • Luvable Friends 4-Pack Bodysuits

Style Varieties

Generally, parents stop dressing their babies in onesies when they are one year old.

Some parents may wait until the child is two years old but these parents are the exception to the general rule.

For a newborn, the best baby girl onesies to purchase are kimono style onesies. These cute onesies for babies assist with the healing process of the navel.

After this stage has passed, the baby can be dressed in long sleeved onesies for colder weather and short sleeved onesies for warmer weather. So, when considering buying the best baby shower presents, it may be wise for you to purchase a variety of styles.

Baby girls deserve to be treated like the precious princesses they are.

Use these guidelines to help you find the perfect baby girl onesies to include in your baby shower gift.

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