cute baby onesies

cute baby onesiesFinding the best baby shower presents can often be a daunting task. Should you get a baby sling or something extravagant like a stroller?

Sometimes the simplest option is the best option. So, don’t neglect to consider a baby onesie for a newborn baby gift.

There are several cute baby onesies but the best options are: the Mimo Baby Onesie, the Gerber Baby Onesie, and Carters Baby Jumpsuit.

The Mimo Baby Onesie

Created by Intel and Rest Devices, the Mimo baby monitor is one of the best inventions ever made for parents.

Mimo is a kimono-style onesie that has respiration sensors attached to it. The data that these sensors receive is sent directly to the onesie’s Turtle and then its Lilypad. The data is then sent directly to the parent’s smartphone.

The Mimo allows parents to easily check on their infants without risking waking them up. Doesn’t this simple fact make the Mimo one of the best baby shower presents ever invented?

I must warn you, however, that the Mimo cute baby onesies are probably the most expensive onesies you may ever purchase.

You will have to fork out $199.99 for the starter kit which includes: 3 plain kimonos that can be machine washed, a Turtle, a Lilypad, an audio cable, and a Lilypad charging cable and wall adaptor.

Please watch this wonderfully informative video to see more compelling facts about this the Mimo cute onesie for babies.

Gerber Cute Baby Onesies

The beauty of Gerber Onesies is that they are sold in 4 and 5 packs. These cute baby onesies also come in a variety of styles and colours to choose from.

Furthermore, Gerber has been producing onesies for over 30 years making them a good pick when looking for the best baby shower presents. Why not choose a brand that is trusted, offers variety, and maintains a high standard?

Gerber Onesies are some of the best newborn baby gifts on the market. Their prices range from $8.49 for a pack of plain long sleeved onesie to $12.69 for a pack of more colourful onesies.

Carter’s Adorable Onesie for Babies

Carter’s baby jumpsuit is one of the cute baby onesies you can find in the market. Many of them have smart words or phrases etched on the front. Some also have hoodies that can make a baby look even more adorable.

One of the best baby shower presents that you could give to a mother is something that will make her child look even more adorable. So, check out some of the Carters baby jumpsuits. Their prices range from $15 to $26.

If you are a creative person then you could also consider creating a onesie for babies as a present in welcoming a new baby. Doing this will allow you to personalize the gift and it will be something that your friend will remember for years to come.

Check this video for step-by-step instructions for making a onesie.

You could even make your customized onesie for babies a part of a gift basket. Be creative and never forget that baby onesies are some of the best baby shower presents you could consider.